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On their day off, a few Gatemen get a taste of the past and the future in trip to Fenway Park

Will Koger (Louisville), Sebastian Murillo (Georgia) and David Glancy (Notre Dame transfer) pose with former Gateman Rob Refsnyder at Fenway Park, June 27, 2023. Photo by Andrew Duffy.

Fenway Park is a bucket list item for just about anyone who likes Major League Baseball, no matter their allegiances or career goals. Everyone who goes to see the Green Monster, walk down the hallowed halls of the oldest MLB stadium and — if they’re lucky — set foot on the field itself takes something special away from the experience.

Ballplayers at any level of the game are sometimes those who appreciate the experience the most and walk away with renewed motivation and inspiration. For some, it’s a flashback to their childhood, as they get to relax and watch a baseball game in a fun stadium. For others, it’s a glimpse into what could be their future.

Some members of the Wareham Gatemen have already had a unique experience at Fenway Park, traveling there prior to Opening Day to participate in “Fenway Day” and practice in front of scouts. 

On the most recent off day, they took the opportunity to witness what Fenway Park truly is — for fans and players alike.

Will Koger (Louisville), Sebastian Murillo (Georgia) and David Glancy (Notre Dame transfer) took advantage of one of their days off when the Boston Red Sox also happened to be in town and took the short trip up to Boston to catch a game. The three teammates got to do more than just go to a Red Sox game, though.

Thanks to Andrew Duffy, one of the Gatemen photographers, they were able to secure on-field passes for batting practice to see what their idols do up close. 

“I felt like a little kid out there, asking for a ball, asking for a picture,” Murillo said. “Those things don’t really come by that often, you don’t get that much time, so it was a great experience.”

Witnessing players like Marlins infielder Luis Arráez, who was just named the All-Star starter at second base for the National League, take batting practice was something that not many people outside the game get to do. For someone like Glancy, who is driven and focused when it comes to anything baseball related, it was also a learning experience.

“You’ve got to stick to your routines, stick to your mentality,” he said. “They’re big leaguers for a reason…they stick to their game plan and their approach and their routine. So I think that’s something to take away. Just truly believe in that and truly add it to your repertoire, to have a plan.”

Koger, Murillo and Glancy weren’t able to speak with any of the players for too long, but they were able to connect with former Gatemen Rob Refsnyder. Refsnyder, who played in Wareham in 2011, led the team in triples (4), walks (13) and stolen bases (13) and is now in his second season with the Red Sox.

“He was really nice with us,” Murillo said. “He was nice and easy and loose, so it was fun.”

Being on the field for batting practice wasn’t the only bucket-list item the Gatemen trio got to check off, however. They got to do something most baseball fans only dream of: sit on the Green Monster.

They originally believed they had standing-room-only tickets, but lucked out and grabbed seats on the Monster for the entire game.

“(We were) just grateful to have the on-field passes and sit up on the Green Monster,” Glancy said. “It was crazy.”

While they might have missed a home run ball, that was about the only thing the group missed out on that night. They were able to leave the park with one of the best feelings anyone could hope for: a combination of nostalgia and intense motivation.

“Just seeing what that life is like was pretty cool,” Glancy said. “Makes you want to do it even more.”