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Donations are a critical funding source that allows the organization to fund operations, equipment, community programs and make improvements to Spillane Field. 

Donating to the Gatemen will continue the work started by John Wylde; to provide the best accommodations, equipment, environment and facilities for the players, provide the youth of the community with programs and clinics to keep them engaged in learning and teach them valuable life lessons through baseball, and to give the community a place to come together and enjoy quality baseball at its purest level.

 The Gatemen strive to provide the best programs for the community’s youth through its reading program, its work with the Boys & Girls Club and through its youth clinics. We are always looking to expand our programs and create new programs.

Your donation signifies a partnership with the Gatemen to further its goals and to continue to keep this community one of the best in the region.

Thank you for your support.

Give by credit card using the donate button or by sending a check to:

Wareham Gatemen Baseball

PO Box 287

Wareham, MA  02571