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“It’s come full circle”: Coleman Picard excels in final start as a Gateman

Coleman Picard (Bryant) pitches during Wareham’s 9-2 win over the Brewster Whitecaps, June 26, 2023 at Spillane Field in Wareham. Photo by Maddy Djuric.

Coleman Picard grew up watching the Cape Cod Baseball League. The Auburn, Massachusetts native went to games with his family throughout his early years, so by the time he hit college Picard knew all about the Cape League environment and knew he wanted to be a part of it.

“When you get to that level and you realize that you can do it and it’s an attainable goal, it’s just something to keep chasing,” he said Monday night. “It took me three years to get here but I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Picard, out of Bryant University, came to Wareham knowing he would only start in three games for the Gatemen before taking time off ahead of the 2023 MLB Draft. In his final start against the Brewster Whitecaps on Monday, the righty threw his best game in the 9-2 victory. With a final stat line of seven strikeouts, one walk and one earned run in five innings pitched, Picard earned the win and ended his time in Wareham in the best way. 

“I kinda just got in a groove with the catcher back there,” Picard said. “I was just kind of able to execute things as I went along. All four pitches we were able to work with, and it was just a good game overall.”

Picard is a true four-pitch pitcher, able to consistently hit the zone with his fastballs, curveballs, sliders and changeups. At various points throughout Monday night’s game, 62.3% of the pitches he threw were strikes, prompting murmurs from the visiting dugout about his skill.

“He was dominant again,” manager Ryan Smyth said. “I wish I was going to have him for longer because he’s been getting better and better since he’s been out here. (A) tremendous work ethic, fun guy in the dugout, works his tail off in between starts.”

Picard is one of the many players on the Gatemen who has two different sides to him depending on if he’s on the field or not. On days he doesn’t play, Picard jokes around in the dugout, taking advantage of the time he has to create relationships with his teammates and coaches.

But on the mound, a different personality comes out.

“I kind of let a different side of myself show on the mound,” Picard said. “I feel like I’m a competitive guy. It’s come from all my years of playing and it’s just kind of something I take out there with me.”

Whether it’s talking to himself or kicking around the dirt in between pitches, Picard knows what to do to get himself back in the game. Because of his skill level, everyone around him knows to let him just do his thing.

“He finds ways to lock back in,” Smyth said. “It’s a credit to his concentration when he does get out there, that he’s earned the right to say a few choice words if he needs to, but he always locks back in and comes back.”

Picard’s attitude and work ethic, when combined with his pitching, make him a likely draft pick in most eyes. Instead of wondering about what will happen come Draft Day, though, Picard is focused on relaxing and enjoying time with his family.

Coleman Picard (Bryant) reacts after stopping a comebacker during Wareham’s 9-2 win over the Brewster Whitecaps, June 26, 2023 at Spillane Field in Wareham. Photo by Maddy Djuric.

He won’t tell anyone himself what he thinks will happen, but his coaches have a pretty good idea.

“I’m sure as hell he’s gonna go,” Smyth said. “If he doesn’t go, that’d be the biggest surprise I’ve ever had. He’s a true starter…his last two starts, if anybody was there to watch — and they were — they’d be foolish not to take him.”

If Picard is drafted, he will join the long line of players to achieve what is often their biggest dream while also checking off another dream of playing in the CCBL. And for someone like Picard, who grew up growing to CCBL games, the entire experience means even more.

“It’s come full circle,” he said. “I enjoyed my time here a lot. I really took some good memories from here.”

Whether those memories are striking out some of the best collegiate baseball players in the country, snagging comebackers or sharing moments with teammates off the field, they’re things most baseball players can only dream about. 

For Picard, they were a dream come true.