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Gatemen Mourn Loss of Longtime Volunteer

On December 4 of 2021, the Gatemen family lost a giant. Tim Mitchell, of New Bedford, passed away unexpectedly. For over a decade, Tim was one of the most active members of our volunteer staff.

He began his Gatemen career by sitting at a desk and helping with the paperwork during sessions of the youth clinics. He saw that the woman running the clinic was very busy at that moment, and so, typical of him, he rolled up his sleeves and took a seat behind the desk. He remained there for two seasons.

From there, he saw that help was needed in feeding players after each game. He pitched in on Meals at the Field by preparing desserts, cooking vegetables, and donating large bowls of fruits. Not long after that, he took over as coordinator of Meals at the Field. A few years after that, he took over as chairman of the entire meals committee, organizing the meals after every game, home and away. 

When the Gatemen decided to take over operations of the concession stand during games. Tim once again stepped up to the plate. He located gas grills, set up accounts with local providers and administered the concession stand from top to bottom. Eventually, he gradually allowed others to help him and all his food related programs. Then, he became coordinator of the media guide and oversaw the research, production and printing of the guide, while still keeping the meals committee going.

In addition, he took over his head greeter, coordinating the volunteers you all see as you enter the ballpark each night. For several seasons, his station was at the top of the hill, near the visitors bullpen along the left field line. On top of all this, Tim also served as liaison with the Boys and Girls Club of New Bedford, representing the Gatemen at many of their functions and meetings.

He also represented the Gatemen at several off-season events where the team needed a presence. As we go through the 2022 season, it may not be immediately apparent to the casual observer, but there is a tremendous hole in the hearts of his fellow volunteers, and the entire Gatemen family. We miss you, Tim. We love you, Tim.