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Gatemen Fall Short in Lively Battle Against Commodores

What started a slow night with a win all but final for the Gatemen quickly turned into a disaster for the Gatemen as pitching had a meltdown against the Falmouth Commodores. The Gatemen led 3-0 going into the 7th inning of the game, but their lead would quickly evaporate and disappear for good as they would fall 6-4 in the end. 

The night seemed promising as the Wareham offense was racking up hits, getting men into scoring position and driving in runs to get their 3-0 lead. Pitching held Falmouth scoreless for six innings, with an absolutely outstanding performance from Eriq Swan (Middle Tennessee), who came in for three innings of relief for the 4th through 6th innings. In the 11 batters he faced, he struck out 8 of them. 

Swan was not brought out for a 4th inning of work, and the Gatemen paid for that decision dearly. The night for the Gatemen quickly unraveled and Jack Sullivan was brought out to the mound, giving up a lead off walk, striking out one and then giving up a two-run shot by Alex Mooney (Duke). The Commodores would load the bases after the home run and score two more as others, including Jackson Fristoe (Mississippi St) and Bobby Alcock (Gardner-Webb) struggled to retire the side. 

The tides once again seemed to be turning though, as the Gatemen tied it up 4-4 in the top of the 8th on an RBI single by pinch hitter Deric Fabian (Florida). 

However, it wouldn’t be enough, and Falmouth would answer, tacking on two more runs in the bottom of the 8th inning. With Wareham unable to make anything happen in the top of the 9th, they were sent home to Spillane Field on a low note. 

It started as a quick game with a dominant bullpen and productive offense, but even more quickly turned into an hour and half long two innings of chaos for the Gatemen that included almost half a dozen stoppages for a wild bunny with a proclivity for the baseball diamond. The umpires, position players, and bullpen all got involved in the numerous attempts to get the rabbit off the field. 

Much like the hare we saw tonight, the Falmouth Commodores were slow and steady in their approach, and they did indeed win the race on this warm summer night on the Cape.