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East Division prevails but Matt McLain steals show in CCBL All-Star Game

East Division prevails but Matt McLain steals show in CCBL All-Star Game

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The Cape League All-Star game serves a platform for the top college players in the country to showcase their talents to baseball fans and scouts from all over. When you actually sit down with the players you find out that while they do want to go out and show what they are made of the players truly love the game of baseball and are having the times of their lives just being there.
Jacob Teter, starting first baseman for the West Division team, ecompases this spirt perfectly. Teter is somebody who likes to stay loose and finds that when players get too caught up in being serious that’s when they struggle most. The All-Star game is the perfect environment for players to be loose and as expected Teter had the time of his life.
“I can’t thank everyone who helped me get here” Teter said, “It is so cool being around so many great players and I can’t wait to see what everyone does in both the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game.
If baseball doesn’t pan out for Teter he may have a job lined up for him as a fortune teller. When speaking to Teter he made some predictions about the All-Star game that ended up coming true.
“My prediction for the game tonight is people are going to hit the ball very hard” Teter said. “If there is anyone you should look out it’s the shortstop from Falmouth; that kid can really play/
The shortstop Teter was talking about is Hayden Cantrelle. Cantrelle has been both a phenomenal hitter and defender for the Commodores all season long. Cantrelle displayed those defensive talents in the first inning completing a stunning glove flip double play helping starting pitcher Ian Bedell get out of the inning.
Bedell has been a lights out presence on the mound for the Gatemen this season. Bedell currently has a 0.70 ERA in 25.2 innings of work striking out 28 batters. Wareham manager Jerry Weinstein was the manager for the West Division team last night and had some very kind words about his star pitcher.
“Ian has been great all season and has been very effective at pounding the strike zone” Weinstein said. “I expect him to go out and play just as well as he has all season tonight.”
Bedell earned the start and he went out and did just that. With the help of the Cantrelle double play Bedell faced the minimum in the first inning. Bedell was very honored to not only be an All-Star but to be named the starter for the game.
“I didn’t expect to be an All-Star when I came here. I just wanted to pitch well and show everyone what I was able to do” Bedell said. “ Only 2 guys are able to say they are a starting pitcher for the All-Star game so I am very proud to be one of them and can’t wait to be out there on the mound.”
Bedell was not the only Wareham pitcher at the All-Star game. Trent Palmer has been the second half of a very effective 1-2 punch for the Gatemen. In most games Bedell has played the man following up in relief duties has been Palmer. Palmer has 1.72 ERA in 15.2 innings of action with 20 strikeouts.
Palmer came into the All-Star game in the 8thinning and recorded 2 outs. Similar to his Gatemen teammates Palmer was very excited to be a member of the West Division All-Star team.
“I just want to go out there, throw hard, and show everyone how good my stuff is” Palmer said. “Ian takes a lot of pride in what he does so it has been nice to watch him and learn from him this season.”
Keeping an eye on Hayden Cantrelle was not the only correct prediction Teter made. Teter also said he expects players to hit the ball far and fellow Gatemen Matt McLain followed through on that prediction. In the 6thinning Mclain launched a 2 run home run to the moon giving the West Division a 4-1 lead.
The East Division stormed back tying the game 4-4. McLain once again came in clutch hitting a go ahead RBI single in the 8thinning but once again the East Division would not go down without a fight walking off the game 6-5. McLain’s efforts did not go unrewarded as he was named the MVP of the West Division team.
“It was awesome being out here tonight with such talented players” McLain said. “I was seeing the ball well tonight. I didn’t come into this season thinking I would be an All-Star but I always knew I had the talent to be here on this stage.”
It was a bitter sweet All-Star game for Darren Baker. Last night was the last time Gatemen fans will have a chance to see Baker in a Wareham uniform. Today it was announced that Baker would be leaving the team.
“Last year I came here and only had a chance to watch the All-Star game so to be in it this year I am very honored” Baker said. “I had a great time playing with all these guys this summer. This is a really good group of guys.”
Other Gatemen All-Star represenatives included Benjamin Sems, Braiden Ward, and Dallas Beaver. Sems had 1 hit in 2 at-bats, while Ward and Beaver failed to resgister a hit in their 1 at-bat. Beaver did display his arm strength attempting to throw out a runner at 2nd, but we unfortunately did not get a chance to see Ward show off his base stealing abilities.

Photo by: Kristin Ostrowski