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2021 Baseball Operations Internship Program


MLB Scout Liaison position – filled

GM Assistant – filled

PD Tech – filled

Scout Analyst – filled

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2020 will be the fifth year of the Wareham Gatemen Baseball Operations Internship Program. You will not find a more comprehensive summer internship program, other than one with an MLB club, that will prepare you for a career in professional baseball, whether it is in scouting, player development or in the front office.

Prior to 2016 we had only an MLB Scout Liaison. He and I would talk about what the baseball ops internships could look like in the future. That led to the creation of the program in 2016 with 5 video/BATS interns. In 2017 we built on the success of 2016 and brought in a group of 21 Player Development Interns. Their duties included both video, BATS and scouting. The program evolved slightly in 2018, we brought in 12 interns whose responsibilities included video, BATS, scouting and some analytics. We brought in a smaller group purposefully to create more flexibility of the program itself. In 2019 we added an analytics group which turned out to be a great success. This summer we are combining positions to align with the evolving roles of scouts and to incorporate player development technologies into what we do.

The program has 19 alumni who are currently working for MLB organizations in either scouting, player development, research & development, or the front office.

Each position has its own distinct responsibilities. The MLB Scout Liaisons are part time interns responsible for the MLB Scout twitter page, printing roster and stat sheets, and manning the scout deck and lower area. The other positions are full time internships who will be working everyday on scouting, player analysis and development, analytics, team management, and other tasks related to the program. The program is meant to develop your skills from scratch. we guarantee that you will leave with a solid foundation to give you a leg up on other applicants for MLB positions in the future. For a full job description please click on the internship names at the top of the page.

Due to the high volume of applications and the extreme competitiveness of the process, please apply for only ONE position… the position you want the most.  Email me if you have any questions. I look forward to reviewing your applications!

Andrew Lang –

Baseball Operations Internship Application Form

Baseball Operations Internship Application Form

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