Host Family Info

Host Family Information

The backbone of the Cape Cod Baseball League are the hundreds of volunteers who donate their time and skills to one of the 10 franchises in the premier summer collegiate baseball league in the country. Fro9456422118_b15645679e_zm game day volunteers to fundraising, each franchise depends on these generous and talented individuals to comprise of an organization whose goal is to make our player’s summer on Cape Cod one that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

At the core of this remarkable volunteering effort are our “host families”. Our network of host families represent one of the most important and unique aspects of Cape Cod Baseball League. Families in each of the 10 towns that represent the CCBL and many of the respective surrounding communities open up their homes to young men from across the country in support of their goal of playing on Cape Cod and perhaps one day playing professional baseball.

The bond between many host families and these players often continue well beyond the summer that they spent together on the Cape. The experience is something that the family and player will not soon forget.

9456422432_537752da84_zThe Wareham Gatemen are fortunate to have a number of dedicated host families that reside not only in Wareham but in some of the surrounding communities of Marion, Rochester and Mattapoisett. Our players enjoy the hospitality and generosity of their host family in their “home away from home” from mid-June through early August each summer over the course of their 44 game schedule.

Players are required to pay their host family a small fee to cover their basic living expenses while living in your home. Many players work for a portion of the day before reporting to the field for practice and/or the scheduled game. There are very few off-days during their busy summer but also many opportunities to get to know your family and develop lasting memories.

9456421248_236204e413_zOur host families are some of our most loyal fans. Not only do they open up their homes to our players but they become part of the Gatemen family; cheering on the team from the stands at Spillane Field and actively participating in many events throughout the season such as “meals at the field”, our preseason kick-off dinners and our season ending celebration.

For more information about becoming a host family and learn more about this exciting and rewarding opportunity, please contact Mary Chaplain at

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